Exclusive Insights: Las Vegas Grand Prix VIP Experience


The Las Vegas Grand Prix has long been a dream for motorsport enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. In 2023, this dream becomes a reality as the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix takes center stage on the Formula One calendar. But what truly sets this event apart from the rest is the lavish experience it offers to its VIP guests. From luxurious rooftop venues to exquisite culinary offerings, the VIP spaces at the Las Vegas Grand Prix promise an unforgettable experience. Let's dive into the world of exclusive hospitality and discover what makes these VIP spaces so remarkable.


Crews Are Setting Up Hospitality Areas


Crews are in the process of painting the race track and setting up fixtures in different hospitality areas in and around the Formula One pit building to prepare for the upcoming inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, which is scheduled for next week. While there will be spectator areas spread throughout the 3.8-mile track for the race weekend from November 16 to 18, the primary focus of the race action will be centered around the pit building and the surrounding fan zones near Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane. Starting from the grand opening ceremony on November 15, featuring prominent music acts, Strip performers, and all 20 F1 drivers, to the race nights' starting grid and pit lane, this area will be the epicenter of all the excitement. Notably, some of the most luxurious hospitality spaces are located within the pit building itself, including the Wynn Grid Club and Paddock Club. Additionally, there are options across the starting grid at the Skybox, situated above the main grandstand in the East Harmon Zone. There has also been a pivot from planned grandstands.


Media Got a Look at the Skybox


For the first time on Tuesday, members of the media got a sneak peek at the Skybox, a two-level shared hospitality area positioned above the center of the East Harmon grandstands. This VIP space offers a Rat Pack-era ambiance, with a classic Vegas theme. Guests in these high-end spaces will have access to all-inclusive premium food and alcoholic beverages, including Prohibition-era cocktails. They will also have both indoor and outdoor viewing areas to watch the race from the adjoining outdoor deck. The pit building's roof, located across from the East Harmon Zone, is equipped with multiple large LED screens for fans to stay updated with racing action on different parts of the track while enjoying a view of the Sphere in the distance. A four-day ticket, which includes access to the opening ceremony and a dedicated service team, costs $10,900 for fans, excluding taxes and fees.


Two Garages to Function as Hospitality Spaces


Work was underway at the pit building to prepare each team's garage, including the painting of murals in some garages. Two garages at the north end of the building will not be used for race-related activities but will instead be transformed into a hospitality space managed by Catch, the popular restaurant located at the Aria. Catch Garage will feature a modern atmosphere, offering all-inclusive specialty food and drinks, along with nightly entertainment by DJs. Catch ticket holders will also enjoy access to the pit building's roof, special transportation options, and VIP experiences, such as a pit lane walk and a post-race brunch at the Sphere, where they can watch the popular "Postcards From Earth" film inside the arena. Access to the exclusive Catch Garage is limited to ticket holders.


In the 300,000-square-foot pit building, the two levels of hospitality areas were also being prepared to accommodate various food and beverage options and suite spaces for guests to enjoy. Notably, the Las Vegas Grand Prix stands out as the only race on F1's calendar where every ticket, from general admission to VIP, includes all-inclusive food and beverage options. Elsewhere, crews were completing tasks related to lighting, signage, and barrier installation this week on sections of Las Vegas Boulevard, Harmon, and Koval. Preparations for the spectator zones, driver garages, and hospitality areas in the pit building are expected to continue until early next week, as indicated by Las Vegas Grand Prix officials.


The Complete Experience


The Las Vegas Grand Prix's VIP spaces offer more than just a view of the race. They provide a complete experience that combines thrilling racing action, culinary delights, entertainment, and unmatched luxury. Whether you choose the classic elegance of the Skybox or the modern flair of the Catch Garage, you're sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime. The VIP spaces at the Las Vegas Grand Prix offer some of the best views of the race. Whether you're in the Wynn Grid Club, the Paddock Club, Club SI, the Skybox, or the Catch Garage, you're guaranteed a front-row seat to all the action. These spaces are strategically positioned to provide guests with the most thrilling and breathtaking views of the race, ensuring that every moment is unforgettable.


No VIP experience is complete without exceptional culinary offerings, and the Las Vegas Grand Prix does not disappoint. From gourmet dining in the Wynn Grid Club and Paddock Club to modern, all-inclusive options in the Catch Garage, each space provides a unique gastronomic adventure. Guests can savor a wide range of dishes, from international delicacies to local favorites, prepared by some of the finest chefs. The availability of premium beverages, including Prohibition-era cocktails, ensures that your taste buds are as thrilled as your racing spirit.


Looking Ahead


In a city known for its entertainment, the Las Vegas Grand Prix does not skimp on the entertainment front. The Skybox, with its Rat Pack-era vibe, and the Catch Garage, featuring nightly DJ entertainment, promise an atmosphere that is both lively and nostalgic. These spaces are designed to transport you to the heart of the Las Vegas entertainment scene.