Formula 1 Reels In $887M In Q3 Ahead Of Las Vegas Grand Prix


Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, is in the fast lane when it comes to generating revenue, and the numbers for Q3 2023 tell an impressive story. With the excitement building for the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix taking place from November 16-18, 2023, the sport has posted a remarkable $887 million in revenue. This solidifies its position as one of the most lucrative sporting ventures globally. In this blog, we will explore the key drivers behind Formula 1's financial success, its continued global appeal, and the anticipation surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023.


The Business of Formula 1


Formula 1 is not just a high-speed racing spectacle; it's also a major business enterprise. The sport is owned by Liberty Media, who acquired it in 2017. Under their stewardship, Formula 1 has been on a growth trajectory. The $887 million in Q3 2023 revenue represents a 24% increase over the same period in the previous year. The operating income increased by 61% against an increase of operating expenses of 24%. This impressive financial performance can be attributed to several factors.


Broadcast Rights: Formula 1's lucrative television deals are a primary driver of its revenue. The sport has a global viewership of millions, and this widespread appeal attracts broadcasters willing to pay substantial sums for exclusive rights to broadcast races. Q3 2023 witnessed numerous high-profile broadcasting deals, further boosting revenue.


Sponsorship and Advertising: Formula 1 is a platform for brands to gain international exposure. The sport's ability to connect with a diverse audience and engage with fans creates a prime advertising opportunity for companies. Major sponsors and advertisers have increased their investments in Formula 1, capitalizing on its vast reach and popularity. New sponsors include Virgin Hotels.


Expanding Calendar: Formula 1 continues to expand its race calendar, introducing new events and returning to historical circuits. More races mean more opportunities for revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, and broadcasting rights. The Las Vegas Grand Prix, set to debut in 2023, is a testament to this expansion.


The Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023


The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023 is generating a significant buzz, and for good reason. Las Vegas, known for its vibrant entertainment and nightlife, is the perfect setting for a Formula 1 race. Here's why the Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to be a major highlight on the Formula 1 calendar:


Iconic Location: Las Vegas is a city known for its extravagance and entertainment. The Grand Prix will take place on a unique circuit that weaves through the famous Las Vegas Strip, offering a spectacular backdrop of bright lights and iconic landmarks.

Night Race: The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a night race, adding an extra layer of excitement. Night races have a distinct appeal, with the cars' high-speed performances illuminated by the glow of the city's lights.

Entertainment Extravaganza: Las Vegas is synonymous with world-class entertainment, and the Formula 1 event will not disappoint. It's expected to be a spectacle both on and off the track, with live music, celebrity appearances, and a carnival-like atmosphere.

Global Attraction: The appeal of a Formula 1 race in Las Vegas extends far beyond the United States. International fans will be drawn to this unique event, and the global viewership and sponsorship interest are expected to be substantial.


Liberty Media is Expecting Sizable Profits from Las Vegas Prix


Formula 1 is gearing up for the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix scheduled for November 18th, and they have ambitious revenue expectations of approximately $500 million for the inaugural Grand Prix, which is poised to become one of the largest events in the company's history. Liberty Media, Formula 1's owner, has announced that they are securing record-setting sponsorship agreements for the race. They have already signed partnerships with renowned brands like Mot Hennessy and Google Chrome.


With substantial investments made by Liberty in establishing its U.S. headquarters in Las Vegas, they are anticipating huge profits during the race weekend. But some of these gains will be offset by expenses related to heightened security measures, traffic management, the development of a fan database, and the costs associated with the opening ceremony of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. In addition, Liberty revealed that ticket sales for the Las Vegas Grand Prix event are almost completely sold out, as disclosed by company executives on Friday.


Liberty CEO Greg Maffei said, More importantly, we think the Vegas experience will create commercial opportunities beyond the race itself and accrue to the broader F1 ecosystem. Vegas is proving to be a bigger spectacle and more impactful than we anticipated, but theres also proven to be initial startup costs. Theres a bunch of initial costs that are higher than we estimated but we remain bullish on the impact of Formula 1 overall in Las Vegas and the potential for this race to be a profitable exercise. We have worked with the unions. We believe that our race wont be impacted directly but were obviously watching what impact that will have on the overall Las Vegas market.


Workers Threaten to Strike


However, amid the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix, there is a looming labor dispute that could potentially disrupt the event. Tens of thousands of employees working in Las Vegas hotels, spread across 18 casinos and resort operators, are currently threatening to go on strike. According to the Culinary Workers Union, approximately 35,000 workers are prepared to walk off the job and initiate a strike if a new labor contract is not agreed upon by the November 10th deadline. This labor issue has the potential to create a significant disruption during the Las Vegas Grand Prix race weekend, impacting various aspects of the event's operation. It may also lead to a rise in set up costs.




Formula 1's remarkable Q3 2023 revenue of $887 million underscores its status as a global sports and entertainment powerhouse. The combination of lucrative television deals, sponsorship agreements, and its diverse, passionate fanbase fuels this financial success. The Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 is a testament to Formula 1's commitment to expanding its presence and offering fans a unique and memorable racing experience. As the anticipation for the Las Vegas Grand Prix continues to grow, Formula 1's financial prowess is set to scale even greater heights in the future.