This F1 Driver Is Claiming 98% Credit For Las Vegas GP


When Formula 1 decided to light up the streets of Las Vegas with the Grand Prix in 2023, the fans were ecstatic. The glamour, thrill, and speed on the backdrop of the world's entertainment capital promised to be a race for the ages. But did you know that behind the scenes, the infectious charm and persistent push of one man, Daniel Ricciardo, played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life? In 2017, he was asked about a possible upcoming race venue in the United States. Ricciardo had then taken the name of Las Vegas. Now, in a lighter vein, he wishes to take the credit for bringing the Grand Prix to the city. He said, Coming to existence, I think it was 2017 I asked for it. Look, I dont want to claim everything but Ill claim like 98% of it, yeah. I think it will be because [of] probably just where it is, you know, and I think just knowing where we are and seeing all the bright lights, if there is a corner that maybe in a big open circuit doesnt feel that good, itll probably feel a little bit better in Vegas.


The Visionary Pitch

Its no secret that Ricciardo is more than just a race car driver. He's a brand, a persona, and someone who understands the business of racing. Daniels vision wasnt just about bringing F1 to a new circuit; it was about creating an experience that complements the high-octane thrills of the sport with the glitz and glamour of Vegas for a grand race. When the initial discussions were underway, many were sceptical. After all, the US already had the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. What was the need for another venue? But Daniel, with his unique perspective, saw Las Vegas not just as another circuit but as an epicentre of entertainment. He envisioned the Grand Prix as an event where the race was just a part of the bigger picture.

Being a revered figure in the F1 community, Ricciardo's voice carried weight. His arguments, however, were not solely based on his stature. He brought to the table a comprehensive understanding of what the fans wanted. With the sports viewership evolving and a younger audience tuning in, he believed Las Vegas could be the perfect playground to entice both hardcore F1 enthusiasts and the casual viewer. His advocacy was not just about adding another race to the calendar but about ensuring that the event matched the vibrancy and energy of Vegas itself. 


Ricciardo The Ambassador of Change

As the lights go out and the engines roar to life in the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, the world will watch in awe. The dazzling neon lights, the electric atmosphere, the amazing hospitality experiences, and the thrilling race action will make it an event to remember. And as the fireworks lit up the Vegas skyline post-race, it is evident that Ricciardo's vision has come to fruition. The Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 isn't just a win for the city or Formula 1; it is a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets persistence. Ricciardo's efforts are reflective of a changing tide in the sport. The drivers of today are not just participants; they are ambassadors, influencers, and stakeholders in the larger Formula 1 enterprise. By championing the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Ricciardo has essentially set a precedent for drivers to be more involved in the sport's evolution, to take active roles in its expansion and make decisions that affect its future. His actions are an embodiment of the phrase "be the change you want to see". Instead of waiting for the authorities to make moves, he used his influence and platform to actively shape the direction he felt the sport should take.


Implications for the Future

The Las Vegas Grand Prixs success signifies more than just another race on the calendar; it marks the dawn of a new era for Formula 1 in the United States. Historically, while the sport has enjoyed widespread popularity in Europe, South America, and parts of Asia, it has always faced challenges in capturing the American audience's imagination consistently. The Las Vegas Grand Prix might just be the key that unlocks this potential. The success of the Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 will undoubtedly opened doors for more urban circuits and spectacle races. City-based tracks have the potential to draw in larger crowds, make the sport more accessible to fans, and provide a unique racing challenge for the drivers. With Ricciardo's push and the evident success of the Las Vegas race, it wouldn't be a surprise if we see more drivers step forward with ideas and initiatives for new tracks or race-related activities. Their insights, being on the front lines of the sport, can provide invaluable guidance in shaping its future. 


Looking Ahead

Daniel Ricciardo's proactive approach to the Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 exemplifies the power of vision, passion, and determination. It showcases that in today's interconnected world, even traditional sports like Formula 1 can evolve, innovate, and expand in unprecedented ways. While it's the combined efforts of countless individuals that make such grand events possible, there's no denying the pivotal role Daniel Ricciardo played in bringing the Las Vegas Grand Prix to life. His passion for the sport, combined with his visionary approach, has given fans an annual event that's set to be as iconic as the Monaco Grand Prix. And for that, the world of Formula 1 will always be grateful. As fans, we can only hope that other members of the F1 fraternity take a leaf out of Ricciardo's book and strive not just for personal achievements but for the betterment and growth of the sport as a whole. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is not just a race; it's a beacon of possibilities for the future of Formula 1.