Lando Norris Gets First Taste of F1 Las Vegas Circuit


It was a day of firsts for Lando Norris as he took on the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit in an F1 simulator. The McLaren driver had never before driven the track, and for the first time in his career, he faced the challenge of a street circuit. With the virtual world being the only option for drivers to get a taste of the track, Norris was keen to get on the ground running and make the most of the opportunity. Transitioning from the virtual world to the real world is no easy feat, and Norris found himself struggling to get to grips with the streets of Las Vegas. Despite the challenge, he was able to take on the task head-on, learning the track as quickly as possible and putting in some impressive lap times.


Norris Focussed on Learning the Track


Norris was focused on learning the track as quickly as possible and started off by taking in the layout of the circuit of the Las Vegas prix. He noted the high speed sections, the tight corners, and the kinks in the road, making sure he had a good understanding of the track before he got into the car. He then moved on to the car setup, making sure that the car was tailored to the track and his driving style. Norris paid close attention to the details, setting the brake bias to the perfect level and tweaking the differential settings to ensure he had maximum grip in the tight corners. Once he was happy with the car setup, Norris was ready to hit the track. Despite his lack of experience on the track, Norris was able to put in some impressive lap times and eventually worked his way up to the top of the leaderboard.


Norris Struggled on the Streets of Las Vegas


While Norris was able to get up to speed on the track quickly, he struggled to get to grips with the streets of Las Vegas, which is going to hold a walking race for fans. Norris found himself having to adjust his driving style significantly to tackle the tight corners, and he ended up making a few mistakes along the way. His lack of experience on the street circuit was evident, and he was unable to match the lap times of the other drivers. Despite this, Norris was still able to put in some impressive laps, and he was able to learn from his mistakes and improve his driving.


The Racer Took on the Virtual Grand Prix


Having conquered the streets of Las Vegas, Norris was ready to take on the challenge of the Virtual Grand Prix. After a few practice laps, Norris was ready to go and he was able to put in a solid performance in the race. Despite making a few mistakes in the early stages, Norris was able to stay ahead of the pack and put in some competitive lap times. He was able to make up ground on the other drivers and eventually finished in the points, taking sixth place in the race.