The Art Of Utilizing F1 Fantasy Chips For Maximum Impact


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For those seeking a competitive edge in their league or on the international stage, strategic deployment of the right F1 Fantasy chips can be pivotal. Utilize them astutely, and these six boosts hold the potential to confer a season-long advantage. Similar to how F1 constructors introduce upgrades to enhance on-track performance, F1 Fantasy players can augment their scoring prowess through the judicious use of chips, albeit limited to one race per chip. Each chip serves distinct purposes, with some facilitating complete lineup changes at no cost, while others offer score multipliers or opportunities to seize unexpected advantages. Once activated, a chip's decision is final and cannot be reversed for the remainder of the season.


No Negative Chip: Safeguarding Against Setbacks

The No Negative chip serves as a valuable tool for mitigating setbacks. Upon activation, it ensures that any F1 drivers or constructors with a negative score for the race weekend incur no point deductions. For the 2024 season, subtle adjustments have been made to this chip, extending its coverage to each individual scoring category rather than just the overall total. This modification prevents the accumulation of negative points allocation across various aspects of performance, ultimately resulting in higher total scores for F1 Fantasy players. By shielding top-performing drivers and constructors from the impact of unfavorable outcomes, the No Negative chip acts as a safeguard against unforeseen challenges.


Opt for the No Negative chip during race weekends characterized by risky strategies or adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain. By activating this chip, you establish a safety net, safeguarding your points against potential losses due to unexpected circumstances. Consider it akin to an insurance policy, offering reassurance and stability amidst uncertainty.


Extra DRS Boost: Amplifying Performance for Maximum Impact


3X Extra DRS

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Activate the Extra DRS Boost chip to triple the points earned by a single driver over a race weekend. However, this boost cannot be applied to a driver who has already received a 2x DRS Booster. Consider employing the Extra DRS Boost when a driver like Max Verstappen showcases dominant form, especially on challenging circuits such as Monaco or Imola. By leveraging this chip, you can significantly enhance your points tally. Alternatively, deploy it during sprint race weekends, where higher points are up for grabs, to capitalize on the performance of top-tier drivers.


Autopilot: Navigating Uncertainty with Precision

Prior to each race weekend, players can assign a DRS Boost (a 2x score multiplier) to one driver in their lineup. However, with the Autopilot chip activated, F1 Fantasy automatically applies the DRS Boost to the highest-scoring driver if it differs from the original choice. In the unpredictable realm of F1, where variables abound, Autopilot proves invaluable. During races characterized by inclement weather or uncertain outcomes, such as the wet and windy conditions of Monte Carlo, activating Autopilot ensures that your highest-performing driver capitalizes on the opportunity, doubling their earnings without second-guessing your initial choice.


Wildcard Chip: Flexibility and Adaptability in Team Management

While team managers are limited to two free transfers per race, the Wildcard chip offers F1 Fantasy players the freedom to make unlimited changes to their lineup within the $100m cost cap. Timing is crucial when considering its use. It's advisable to reserve your Wildcard chip until after at least the Australian Grand Prix, allowing for a more defined running order. At this point, F1 Fantasy players can strategically reset their lineups, selecting optimal drivers and consistent constructors. This strategic reset positions players favorably for a climb up the league tables.


Limitless Chip: Unleashing Unprecedented Potential


Limitless Chip

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Similar to the Wildcard chip, the Limitless chip grants F1 Fantasy players the ability to make unrestricted changes to their lineup, but without budget constraints. With the Limitless chip, players can assemble a dream team featuring elite drivers like Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc, alongside top constructors such as Red Bull and McLaren, all without concern for budgetary limitations. This setup has the potential to yield substantial F1 Fantasy points, provided everything goes according to plan.

The Limitless chip serves as a valuable asset for F1 Fantasy players seeking to rebound from a sluggish start or during the later stages of the season when frontrunners have established themselves. By leveraging this chip, players can recalibrate their lineup to align with the expected outcomes, maximizing their scoring potential as the season progresses.


Final Fix Chip: Precision Adjustments for Last-Minute Optimization

When activated, the Final Fix chip enables a single alteration to your F1 Fantasy lineup after the deadline, which expires post-qualifying and before the commencement of the grand prix. Timing is crucial for deploying this chip effectively. It is most advantageous when F1 Fantasy players find themselves in need of replacing a driver or constructor who unexpectedly qualifies in a high position on a track notorious for difficult overtaking maneuvers. For instance, if Logan Sargeant were to defy expectations and secure pole position on the rain-soaked streets of Monaco, the Final Fix chip would provide an opportunity to capitalize on this unexpected turn of events and maximize point accumulation.



While a total of six chips are available throughout the season, only three are accessible during the initial race. These include the No Negative, Autopilot, and Extra DRS Boost chips. Subsequently, the remaining chips become available after the completion of the first F1 Fantasy lineup's entire race weekend. Each chip is limited to a single activation per season, with only one chip permitted for use per race weekend. This underscores the importance of strategic planning and judicious decision-making when deploying F1 Fantasy chips to optimize scoring potential and gain a competitive advantage.